And I’m back

I have been away from my precious blog for a long long time. This blog was a gathering of talent. Because in my own small way I was putting together articles and posts by talented authors and artists and sharing with the world via this blog.

I would love to say I was busy writing. But sometimes life just gets you down. I didn’t write or blog for a couple of years in between but everyone, and I mean everyone kept asking about my writing and books. And that made me want to get back to it.

So, here I am and have been for sometime now. I have two new books coming out in the future months, so authors and bloggers I would love to do interviews and guests posts to talk about my books. And since I am restarting my blog, authors and artists I will be reaching out to you. Feel free to reach out to me. I love sharing people’s take on interesting topics – writing, writing linked to music, how a life of duty inspired them to write, how art and writing is connected . And I love people talking about their books. You get it, it’s a Books And Me Blog. I’m extremely active on Twitter and my handle is @Ivyloganauthor in case you want to reach out to discuss an article. We can do author interviews too, but don’t limit yourself to that alone. This blog is for artists, poets and authors so lets make some noise .

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