‘A MOTHER’S LOVE ‘- The Inspiration Behind The Book by SS Bazinet

My thanks to Ivy Logan for inviting me to write about the inspiration behind my book, “A Mother’s Love.”



“A Mother’s Love” started out like all of my stories. I didn’t have a clue about what the story would entail. After twenty years of writer’s block, I gave up on trying to write from a mind-centered point of view. I surrendered to something deeper and more knowing. And it worked! Stories and their characters simply flowed through on their own.

In “A Mother’s Love,” a character announces himself immediately. His first words are, “I never meant to become the most feared man on the planet. When I was rejected at birth, I was prepared to withdraw from this life, from this world. However, my mother was determined to keep me here. She loved me as soon as she felt me quicken in her womb.”

I found it to be a beautiful way for the story to begin. The character let me know from the git-go the power of a mother’s love.

As I continued to write, I was more than surprised by this new character. I’d never written about anyone like this man. Everything he encountered was seen through the lens of love. Even when he was spit upon as a child, he didn’t judge people’s ignorance. He knew that no one could change who he was, and he had no need to figure out the actions of others.

Before this story, I’d been writing about flawed characters. This character was their opposite. However, I must confess that from the first page of my first series, The Vampire Reclamation Project, there’s an incarnate angel present. He too is an unconditionally loving being. But in “A Mother’s Love,” I wasn’t writing about an angel, I was writing about a person. After a few chapters, I didn’t know how to go forward. Maybe my mind got too involved again, and I questioned what I was writing. Whatever the problem, I chickened out and stopped writing the book.

My daughter, Julia, who loved the idea of the story, kept asking when I was going to finish it. Perhaps it was our mother/daughter connection that finally convinced me to complete what had been started. Plus, years had passed, and I had more confidence in my ability to let a story, no matter how different, come through my writer’s heart.

And the story that came through was most enlightening for me. I realized how powerful a mother’s love can be. For that kind of love not only changed the plans of the man who first spoke up in the story, it helped the second main character. This man’s mother was sent away at his birth. Raised by a no-nonsense father, he becomes self-consumed and arrogant. When events cause him to become an outcast, he retains his self-importance, but he’s also a bitter person who despises everyone. Yet, when he’s brought to his knees by a terrible disease, his mother finds him and is determined to help him. No matter what hateful things he says to her or what deplorable condition his body’s in, she claims him as the object of her loving heart. Slowly, through her example, he learns about his own heart. From there, the story continues to be full of surprises that I never saw coming.

So there you have it, the inspiration behind the story. My wish is that “A Mother’s Love” will be one that many readers will enjoy and embrace.

If you looking for a book to


2)Mull over

3)Enrich your Reading experience

4)Find Meaning

5)Bring Joy to your Heart

Pick up ‘A Mother’s Love’ by talented Author SS Bazinet .


It has all I promised and more….

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