I mean it. Do share what you would like to blog about as a guest blogger on Books And Me. I am not looking for famous people but strong people who can inspire others to believe in themselves or to learn something new.

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A very helpful friend shared a post by a fellow blogger, where he listed down his reasons for blogging. It was a wonderful article, written from the heart. It made me realize that although I know what this blog means to me, there might be others around who are confused about or even doubt my intentions.
Well, this journey is yet a new one for me but I would like to share my story with you.
To the beginning then… I am a first-time author, working on my book, The Heart of the Dragon, a Young Adult Fantasy, a part of a series called The Breach. Gradually in addition to writing the book, I realized that there were a million things I needed to learn and to do, to build recognition for myself. The writing part wasn’t even half the work, that being a writer requires; Oh the sheer irony…

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