DO YOU KNOW HOW TO HOP? : by Author Bella Emy

Social media in today’s world is a great way to interact and meet new people.
In the book world, it is a great way to connect with other authors and find new readers who could possibly end up meeting their new favorite writer.There are a ton of promotional activities available today on social media…Blog tours, Cover Reveal events, Release events, Author Takeovers and much more.
One way that social media has helped me as an author is by being introducing me to what is known as a “HOP.”
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A HOP is when the readers on Facebook are asked to “hop” from author page to author page in order to win prizes.



This brings authors new readers who they might not have even been aware of.

A lot of times, they find an author they become intrigued with and start reading their books. As an author, finding readers who will read my work is my ultimate goal.


A HOP usually lasts for a few days to a week to give readers a chance to participate.
When someone decides to join in on an author’s HOP, the author typically asks that they do a few things in order to qualify to win their prize.

Some of the things that are normally requested are to like and follow their Facebook page or even to sign up for their newsletter.

Once a reader has done this, they typically comment on the blog post saying something such as, “Done! Thanks for the chance!”
Each participating author in the HOP then has to select a winner, which is usually determined randomly. Prizes donated can be eBooks, signed paperback copies, Amazon Gift Cards, swag items, or even jewelry.

I have realized that the most treasured prize by readers is a signed paperback copy. Of course, who doesn’t love swag items or even a gift card, but when I asked the members of my readers’ group, Bella’s Heartbreakers, what their favorite thing to win was, they responded with signed paperback copies of my books. This makes an author feel great!


Although sometimes the readers may dislike your page after the HOP has come to an end–some people just take part of the HOP to win the awesome prizes and leave, especially if they are mad that they haven’t won.


it is still nice to see that some of the participants really do end up liking you and your work. They will sometimes reward the author by reading your books and leaving a nice review. Reviews these days are hard to come by, so whenever I get one, I treasure it.

In closing, I just want to say that I am extremely thankful to social media for allowing indie authors, such as myself, the ability to meet some truly awesome readers, along with making some great friends with other authors. I also want to tell you about an interesting upcoming event

My upcoming release of Secrets, which is a compilation of all my favorite poems that I have written, going back to 1996. Most are old, but there are a few new ones thrown in there as well. The Cover Reveal Event for Secrets will feature a bunch of authors taking part in takeovers. Each participating author gets an hour slot to promote his or her work. All readers attending the event get to meet authors they may not have even know existed. This gives authors so much more exposure than they could have ever imagined.

Link to the cover reveal event:
On August 2nd-August 3rd

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