Why I write multiple genres? Author Aaron D Brinker

A lot of Traditionally and Self-Published Authors prefer to focus on a single genre. Yet, there are some that prefer to expand into multiple. There are positives and negatives to writing single or multiple genres. Due to education, literary likes, and life experiences I prefer to dabble in multiple genres.
A benefit to focusing on a Single Genre would be it allows the Author to learn a lot about a little. Which would allow for less research time and free up more time for the writing process. A few downfalls of a singular genre is that it limits what can be done within a plot and there is a higher possibility of story aspects repeating or being too similar in different stories.
For the Authors that write in multiple genres, there are a few benefits. It allows for the writer to learn a little about a lot and always leaves room for expanding ones knowledge. There also would be a smaller chance of the Author running out of ideas. One major drawback to writing in multiple genres is the need for more research. The research and expanding one’s mind is good, but the time one needs to do that research is the bad part.
Life experiences and personality are possible reasons behind whether an Author writes in a single genre or multiple. Growing up, I was raised in a Military home. We lived at various places around the country and lived in Germany for six years. I’ve dealt with a disorder my entire life that makes it difficult to function some days. I have education in Criminal Justice, General Studies, History, and English Literature. I also grew up watching and reading stories of varying genres. With all of those experiences, it would be difficult for me to focus on one genre.
Writing in multiple genres allows me to have fun creating in the different areas I enjoy. I loved horror growing up and have a morbid sense of humor, so writing horror is one of my favorites. I’m also a huge Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia fan, so Fantasy is another favorite of mine. I’m biting at the bit to start working on a Crime Thriller I’ve got on the back burner.
My personality always shines through the writing in one way or another. I can go from being the shy quiet type to the fun eccentric type. I’m hoping to eventually work on an autobiography to tell my story in more detail, but that’s a future project that I can work on little by little for the time being.

My advice to any writer or upcoming writer would be: No matter what genre(s) you focus on, keep pushing. You never know what may lie just around the corner.

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