A Peek Into STARLIGHT: IMMORTAL HERITAGE… A Brand New YA Novel By Author Selene Kallan

Do you like reading Fantasy and Paranormal romances? Well, check out this debut novel by Selene Kallan… An author who hates sleeping at night loves reading and daydreaming.  Doesn’t she sound like a girl after your own heart? Read the excerpt and the blurb, it is bound to leave you wanting more …


For Nick, moving to a new city is one more burden to endure on his
already complicated life. His parents believe that the change will help him
overcome the death of the one that he loved, but a new school can’t stop his
nightmares or change the fate that was imposed on him before his birth. His
transformation lurks around the corner.
Dahlia lives a lonely, secluded life by choice. Fearful of letting someone
become close enough to hurt them with her powers, which she hates and tries
to keep under control. Her self-control falters when the hunger she cannot
avoid appears to take away her sanity.
Both will be involved in a dangerous relationship that neither one will want to avoid.
Two lives half torn apart, two different people, and a secret that no one
can hide for a long time…
Even if the price to pay is their lives.
starlight cover



I was saving some books in the locker, it was lunchtime. I don’t know
how I heard the angry girl’s growl over all the noise around me. She had the
hood a little back so I could see part of her angry face, a piercing I hadn’t
noticed before crossed her left eyebrow. She wrinkled a paper in her hand and tossed it dexterously to the bin six feet away from her. She breathed
rhythmically, seemed to struggle to calm herself, I couldn’t help wondering
what was bothering her. After the strange encounter in the forest I hadn’t
talked to her, I only knew her name, Dahlia. Because I certainly didn’t trust
the vulgar adjectives that the popular launched against her.
Suddenly she turned slowly and looked at me. Instead of the anger that I
expected to see I only saw curiosity, she looked fine, there were no traces of
the illness that had afflicted her that day. For some reason, I couldn’t take my
eyes off her, she seemed to feel the same. Her sapphire blue eyes locked on
mine, never before had I seen eyes like those in anyone, her frown thickened
with confusion. I didn’t notice the movement that Aston, one of David’s idiot
groupies made to hit her against the locker until it was too late.
“Out of the way, idiot,” he snapped.
She looked at him indignantly, the blow against the door had made a
small mark on her forehead.
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I shouted, going to him.
If there was something I couldn’t bare it was bullies, and even less those
who were abusive to women.
Out of nowhere, the petite girl lashed her fist directly into the idiot’s
stomach. I watched with astonishment, and satisfaction as the idiot fell on his
knees to the floor coughing. The blow had been quick, expert, and with great
“What the hell did you do to him, freak?” Anna cried, running towards
her brother the women-beater.
Dahlia looked frightened at what she’d done, she looked at me for a
moment before closing the locker, grabbing her bag, and running off toward
the exit. I wanted to follow her and ask her if she was alright, but I decided to
make sure there were no adult witnesses. To my surprise, there wasn’t even
one teacher out there, but honestly, when were they present when someone
got bullied?
“I’m going to report that bitch to the principal,” Anna hissed
Several other students gathered around us, Aston got up with difficulty,
and red face holding his stomach, he was still coughing.
“Only if you want your brother the women-beater to fall with her,” I said,
looking at them both in anger. I refrained from breaking the idiot’s face, if I
started fighting then I would lose control. Besides, Dahlia had done a very
good job, it would’ve been rude to ruin it.
I didn’t know where the strong protective instinct I felt for Dahlia came
from, maybe it was because she looked as sad, and lonely as I was. I didn’t
care, I just knew I wasn’t going to let them hurt her.


I ran fast towards the house, slowing down when several people looked at
me in surprise. Instead of entering I decided to run a little further into the
forest in the back, I stopped when I was sure that no one could see me. My
heart was beating without control, my breathing was accelerated. I dropped to
the ground leaning my back against a tree, my palms stung, and I felt a slight
pain in the right hand.
I’d hit him harder than I should have been able to. He deserved it, I had
no doubt about it, but I didn’t want to imagine how bad it had been if I hadn’t
been weak enough already. What if I had injured one of his organs? I was 17,
if I killed someone, and they caught me I would go to prison, I preferred
death to that. Someone would surely notice that I was a weirdo, and I hated
needles. I imagined myself surrounded by psychopathic scientists pricking
me everywhere.
And then there was the fact that someone had defended me. No, not just
someone, the honey-eyed boy who used to look at me when he thought I
didn’t see him, Nick, I’d heard that bimbo, Anna talk about him in the
bathroom once, and noticed several girls drooling over him like Saint
Bernard’s. The strange thing wasn’t that he looked at me, but that he didn’t
do it with contempt or with morbid curiosity. I had felt his concern when he
sat next to me in history class when I didn’t feel the deep sadness that always
accompanied him. A sadness very similar to mine.
Why had he defended me? It hadn’t been a trick, I felt his anger when he
saw me hurt, he didn’t know me at all, how could he worry about me?