Women Empowerment

by Author Kacey Kells

I would like to thank Ivy Logan for giving me an opportunity to introduce my next book. After “KELLCEY” -a memoir principally dealing with the issue of Sexual Abuse of Young women and Rape Culture– I wanted to investigate the origins and consequences of the objectification of women to further explain the importance of women empowerment to modern societies. Having been a victim of sexual aggression, I am fully aware of the injustices suffered by women and feel naturally concerned with the issue of violence against women and girls, sexual abuse, and women’s rights in general.

As far as we can remember, women and girls have been victim of all sorts of abuse, and this is still the case the case today in spite of decades of fights for women’s rights.

Why is it so? Just because they’re females ???  We are human beings, like boys and men, and we deserve the same rights, the same respect, and the same privileges.

The current title of this future book is “(His)story of Women”, but it will most certainly change! I would also like to say in preamble that I am fully aware that there are already several books on this topic… however, I also strongly believe that there is still plenty of things to be said and analysed.

I started working on the topic several years ago, and from the beginning I knew that the work in progress would require a long term effort. Indeed, the issue is extremely complex and requires knowledge and skills drawn from different disciplines to better understand what it is to be a woman and how and why of our current social situation: genetics, anthropology, sociology, biology, history, economics… That may seem excessive or impossible, but it is not! Quite the contrary; the quest is fascinating, and there are many authors and researchers who worked on the related issues, who produced remarkable contribution.

The Key Issues Are

1) To demonstrate, mostly thanks to genetics, anthropology and primatology that women are not intrinsically inferior to men.

2) to explain the historical and social constraints that led to the domination of women by men and their objectification.

3) to insist on the fact that patriarchy depends on the confinement and marginalization of women

4) last but not least, to demonstrate that women empowerment isn’t just about ethics and justice, but constitutes also an essential contribution to the stability and the security of our modern societies.

Indeed, considering the various issues posed by globalization, climate change, the demographic explosion… our societies do and will need every skill, creative talent and workforce to meet the challenges ahead. They cannot afford to discriminate against 50% of their population any longer!

It is indeed a socially engaged book. I am convinced that women’s rights are much more important than we sometimes think. As I said above, it is not just about ethics and justice! It’s not just a fight against discrimination: it’s a fight against discrimination and its consequences for societies! We must all understand this: Empowering women is essential to the survival of our societies, to the future of the species.

Giving women and girls equal access to education, equal job opportunities and equal wages, protecting their safety and rights will without doubt stimulate production, innovation, and performances. Moreover, since they are generally more caring and less aggressive than men, giving equal responsibilities to women will help reduce conflicts and improve governance.

Clearly, if women empowerment is question of justice, it’s also a strategic issue which will determine the future of mankind. To conclude, I would like say that, in spite of the headaches and my anxiety, I’ve been since the very first day totally involved in my WIP, and I can say that I truly love it!

I hope to publish it in the second half of 2022.

Thank you

Beautiful article by Kacey Kells on Women Empowerment

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