Everyone wants to be be a friendapalooza and add as many followers as quickly as possible . You might even do that by wading through the followers lists of your followers, friendscrapping we call that. I think it’s rude to follow someone to get them to follow you and then unfollow, immediately after. Crazy rude. Crazy thoughtless. If someone follows you, you are not obliged to follow back.

But to follow and then unfollow? Why? Just to build your followers list and keep you ‘Following’ list small . Many Twitterers go crazy over collecting fans. A fan is someone who follows you even if you don’t follow back. If you’re a celebrity of some sort( nowadays there are all sorts) it makes sense but gaining followers in this devious manner is surely some sort of stupid.

Most people follow you because they think you have the potential to be  interesting, some may do it just to increase followers but I think mostly unless it’s a bot they’re expecting you to follow  and like and RT their stuff too.


Ever had a day when you spent hours scrolling through your notifications  realizing that much of the tweets in your feed didn’t really have much to do with you. Been there, done that?

You are tweeting you Twitter pal Naomi,  and if your reply is something like this,  “Naomi, lol you always get me,” do you still  do a reply all, even when the count  reads replying to Naomi and  47 others! Do they need to know that your pal gets you? Maybe this conversation could be just between the two of you.

Twitter world’s writing community is rife with games and quizzes. It makes sense to include those who are being tagged, but what about the others? The sense and sensibility of the individual is much needed here. Don’t let FOMO ( the fear of missing out) get you down and include the whole world in the reply to your tweets. But most twitterers  feel that it’s best to use your judgement on when to include everyone and when to respond only to a few.

So tweet away, don’t forget TBH ( to be honest ) and follow me @Ivyloganauthor … TFTF (Thanks For The Follow) …. got you… kidding… only if you want to. And yes, I will follow back .



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