‘BROKEN’ (if you love Fantasy books with unique twists drop a line at ivylogan9@gmail.com)

I am the author of a romantic fantasy adventure titled ‘BROKEN’. Broken, Book I of the BREACH series is the coming of age of a young sorceress, Talia. Bereft of her family and unaware of her true powers she finds herself on the run from her powerful nemesis Damien. As she hides from those who hunt her, Talia casts off the shackles of her broken past and in her determination to avenge her family she conquers her fear. But cheated of the life she once had, will she be able to give Love and Life another chance? When her past catches up with her she is faced with a painful choice- right, a terrible wrong or lose all that she has come to love. What does Talia choose?

BROKEN is thus the engaging and emotionally gripping adventure of one young girl at the crossroads where past and present unite.

The Breach series allowed me to introduce you to a whole new world in the BREACH called Htrae, a sanctuary for hunted supernaturals. The characters of Siobhan, Ava, Michael, Caitlin, Joshua and Talia’s archenemy Damien and the dragon the Zoltron- all have an important role to play in making Talia the woman she becomes and the choices she makes. ‘Broken’ gives each character the attention and depth they need and I do hope you will enjoy reading about them.

Similarly, The Books And Me Blog is my way of sharing all that I learn and bonding with both readers and writers in this wonderful community of blogging, writing and of course the world of Twitter. There are so many beautiful people with so much to share. The Books And Me Blog tries to bring out a different perspective of a book reviewed(with no spoilers) and Authors through unique posts and interesting nuggets. Read and learn about fantasy writing, the creation of new worlds, setting a scene, the requirement of a fight scene, the art of adding history to a story, marketing tips, reader groups and many many more articles all on the BOOKS AND ME BLOG.

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And if you believe that you are someone who would enjoy reading a Fantasy Book with enough twists and depth to keep you engaged to drop me a line at ivylogan9@gmail.com and we can stay in touch. I can tell you more about Broken.

With Love

IVY Logan

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