Are you A Fantasy Reader? It is Time to Go Green A Review of Jennifer Julander’s ‘Green Lady’ by Ivy Logan

The Green Lady by Jennifer Julander is not the modern tale of a ‘Lets go Green’ believer as the title of this blog may have you believe, but it is an amalgamation of magic, fantasy, and adventure with its heart very much in the right place and pace.

The age old dilemma of a princess torn between her calling and her loved ones on the other side is explored beautifully.

The story is one of good vs. evil, made entrancing by the creatures -Dryads, Griffins, Halyads, Kelpies, and Wolves, amongst others, and is not for the faint-hearted (in this context, those not interested in creatures because an abundance of them inhabit this world.)

The author’s love for nature is reflected in her beautiful portrayal of the Forest as a living, breathing, thinking, creature with a life of its own and a place where all the elements of nature- air, water, fire, and earth meld together to maintain the delicate balance of life.

Jennifer is a Mythology enthusiast and secretly a hopeless romantic(aren’t we all? I know I am.) She appreciates the innocence and beauty of small things in life which a more cynical eye might be totally oblivious too -the giggle of a child, a summer rainfall, a rainbow in the sky and even a dog chasing a snowflake( I love her already, don’t you?) She sounds magical.

No wonder the book, The Green Lady is just the beginning of the author’s exploration of what it is that makes a bittersweet story work, and secondly how can an author turn an ordinary character into a memorable one. Her beautiful, haunting and extremely apt prose paints pictures for you as the story unfolds. Read it to become part of her journey of exploration.

The author makes you envisage nature as a powerful divinity.  One, where divergent factors unite with one common cause- survival! Read it for the sheer beauty of it all.