More about Fantasy (from Sandra Yearman)


Who Saves The Warrior

He sat in his shelter
Listening to the voices of the dead
The screams and the terror
Inhabited his head

War after war
Pieces remain
In the spirit and the body
In the horror and the pain

Warriors among us
Wounds that will not heal
The demons they fought
The demons still real

Discarded and homeless
No shelter, no bread
Who saves the warrior
When his spirit is dead

Dancing With Angels



Raul had been traveling for over two years, exploring other cultures and lands. He thrived on the adventure, always looking forward to what the next day might bring. But the same things that brought Raul such great pleasure also filled him with overwhelming guilt. Raul was heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Wetpr. His father was getting older and Raul knew soon he would have to return home and assume his responsibilities.

   Raul loved his homeland but his heart yearned for another life. One in which he could be free to make choices for himself without having to be responsible for the lives of hundreds of thousands of other people. Instead of being grateful for the power and fame of his position in life; Raul sometimes felt a prisoner to his fate.

   Raul’s mother, Queen Renya, wrote to him often; keeping Raul informed on all the business and gossip at home. Renya warned Raul that the Hutas were attacking and destroying villages in many kingdoms. The Hutas had always been a hated and feared race but the destruction of the monastery at Avaide brought them new notoriety. The terror that the Hutas created in the hearts of many people was now turning to a defiance because of the brutal murders of the priests. Victims were now turning into enemies of the Hutas and the enemies were uniting.

   Raul’s mother was a loving woman and understanding of his heart’s desires; although Renya reminded Raul in every letter that he could not change his destiny and that his kingdom needed him. Raul’s father, King Sudfad was a loved and respected ruler as well as being a mighty warrior. But Raul’s absence brought Sudfad such pain that it affected his life and his health. With every letter he received, Raul knew he would have to return home soon


Introduction to the World of Nunc



The Warrior Series takes place in the mythological World of Nunc. The Latin translation of Nunc is ‘now’. I choose that name because the characters deal with the same life choices and experiences as we do. The continents of this world are divided into kingdoms. The power of these kingdoms reside with the thrones and the churches, although politicians and businessmen are trying to claw their way into this arena.

As with every civilization there are periods of time when darkness seems to take control, the Warrior Series starts in such a period for the World of Nunc. An ancient prophecy foretells of a time of great darkness when Seven Sons stand against the forces of evil. In this prophesy the word ‘sons’ is left for interpretation. The people are not named or described in the prophecy but their deeds and losses are. For centuries members of the criminal worlds and dark worlds have been studying this prophesy so they can identify and destroy the ‘sons’ before the prophecy can be fulfilled. The ‘sons’ themselves have no idea of their destinies; destines which some of them do not want to realize.

Angels and demons play allegorical figures in these stories of mystery, adventure and romance. The reader is taken to worlds of reality as well as worlds ruled by magics. The warriors are fighters although not all of them fit the stereotypes of heroes. Ultimately the stories are about choices and their consequences.

 Currently there are ten published books to this series. I have four manuscripts that are in various stages of editing and I am writing book fifteen. Originally I could not foresee this many books in the series but the characters keep talking to me and the stories keep coming. I hope you enjoy them.



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