WHAT LIES WITHIN? A Glimpse into the mind of a female serial killer by Kathleen Harryman

The Zodiac Killer, Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy …. well known serial killers. There have been many behavioral analysts who have delved into their minds and presented countless theories. What about female serial killers? Could they be far behind?  For this reason, I invited author, Katleen Harryman to present her book ‘ When Darkness Falls ‘ on this blog. Isn’t it time we know more?




Former FBI Agent John E. Douglas theorized that profiling was a way to get into the killer’s mind, a way to understand them. Douglas’ first made a name for himself during the investigation into the Atlanta Murders of 1979-81. Given how profiling is used to analyze a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics, it was something that I knew my killer needed to understand, were she to twist the evidence so that the profilers were led to believe that a man, and not a woman was committing these murders.


As I have mentioned previously there is a lot of emphasis placed on a woman serial killer, and the way in which she kills. Is this because women are still viewed as the weaker sex, or is it because society still has an issue with the conception that a woman can brutally kill?



kathleen 5

I looked across at Fred who I had paced by the kitchen cabinets near Patrick, in his size twelve army boots. Fred was six-foot and a few inches, and depending how much air I blew into him, he was either broad or came up a trifle on the thin side. Fred was another one of my trace evidence matters. He was the best, because of his portability.

Fred was all about blood splatter, or rather the void in the pattern. By planting Fred, I was leading the police to think that two people had been involved in the crime.


Juana Barraza

Le Mataviejitas (The Old lady Killer)

While fingerprint evidence connects Barraza to only 11 murders of elderly women in Mexico, it is thought that she may have killed up to 49.Barraza was just 12 years old when her alcoholic mother traded her to her drinking buddy for just three beers. The drinking buddy would go on to treat Barraza as his own personal sex slave.There is a belief that the killings were Barraza’s way of dealing with the lingering resentment she had towards her mother.


If you want to know more about Kathleen and her writing, these are the links you need :

Website: https://www.kathleenharryman.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KathleenHarrym1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WriterKH/

YourTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy_4ncDhkuIXhhxwUROW83w

Amazon Author Page: http://author.to/KH-AUTHOR-PAGE


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