Tom's Inheritance by T.J. Green
Tom’s Inheritance 
by T.J. Green (Goodreads Author)

66862361Ivy Logan‘s review Jan 26, 2018  ·  4-Stars

Young Tom and his cousin are thrown from one situation to the other as they explore and accept new realities in search of Tom’s grandfather. Tom only seeks his old grand dad but instead is sent on a quest reuniting him with an unexpected and ‘royal’ family member.

Tom’s Inheritance stands out because of the sheer depth of author T J Green’s descriptive writing. This is an Arthurian Legend, true, but I used to love reading Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Tree, A tree which was  a portal to many magical worlds. This book for me was somehow reminiscent of that tale. That made it special.

I loved the feeling of nostalgia it brought. But make no mistake author T J Green’s realms are her own unique creation and scripted with infinite patience and a great degree of detail.

It is an accomplished artist who is able to paint entire worlds, realms and magically believable people with words. If you had to ask me a little bit about the author based on what I read, I would say she must be a dreamer, because only one who lives in a world of dreams could have such a vivid imagination.

Tom’s Inheritance is a fantasy adventure, a nonstop adventure. If this is the genre you love, pick it up