Get Over your Ex by Kristina Gallo ..
This book has been written by a woman and for other women. It’s a sisterhood in book form, a self-help journal, where you can pick up any page and find something useful and relatable to take away.
English is not Kristina’s native tongue, she is a Croatian author and blogger with a background in law. Despite the constraints she must have faced language-wise, she has done a commendable job in getting her thoughts across.

kristina gallo
Get Over Your Ex is a collection of experiences, anecdotes, and tips which will be useful as only a few of us enjoy perfect love. And Love is an important part of who we are, it’s a part of our mental makeup.

Kristina warns us of the pitfalls of love, for example, if you are the one doing all the planning in a relationship, all the calling and not getting called back, if you’re constantly starved for attention then maybe your partner is not the one for you. Think again and think hard.

The book is filled with useful bits of advice… Myths about Being Friends with your ex, How to Deal with an ex, how to take a Bad Relationship and make something good come out of this.

I can tell you this … there is something in this for every girl. A must read