Meredith Miller brings to you ‘Hotel Hart’- an exciting Free Read

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The Books And Me Blog takes pleasure in introducing Meredith and her collection of short love stories, Hotel Hart. This collection looks at life through the lens of love, but maybe not romance.

Ten stories follow ten couples through their stay in this hotel on the 15th of August. Through them, you see what it’s like for newlyweds, people who grew old together, the happy and the bitter and everything in between. We experience this along with Sanjhit, the hotel receptionist, a young man with his own unique views.

Meredith has dedicated this book  to her readers because in Hotel Hart’s foreword she say’s to her readers “It feels like this book should be dedicated to you. I write because thinking about you makes me want to write. I want you to be happy. But all I know how to do is type down words and imagine people.

“Maybe some of these stories can help out. Maybe you’ll remember them someday. The happy ones should make you happy. In this deepest of hearts? The sad ones should never, ever have anything to do with you. You should never get sad but if you are, I’m sorry.

My hope is that you’re reading this on a train, under some stairs, or against a windowpane separating you from the rain outside. I hope you’re thinking about me. I hope you like this. I hope you like me.”

At the end of it all, I’m not sure what I wanted to share in these little stories. But it’s there like a piece of me and I hope it makes you happy, or at least happier.”

Hotel Hart can be downloaded for free here:

Meredith Miller

Author of A Compendium For The Broken Hearted, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Muffin Top, Hands on The Watch, A Haunted Soul, Yes, and Studious.

Here is a  Good Reads Review on Hotel Hart.  Nothing like a reader’s perspective…

This is a collection of short stories, each intricately written to be woven together to be one big story overall. I loved it! If it seems a little unclear at first, since it seems like you just jump right in, start the second story and you will see that they all tie together in some way as the evening at the bed and breakfast progresses.
Within these short stories, ten couples have their stay at a bed and breakfast “snapshotted” (horrible, I know, but it’s a good description) over the course of one evening. Newly weds as well as anniversary’s, good and bad, young, old and everything in between. All tied together at the end of each story with a little rumination from the front desk clerk, whom I really looked forward to hearing from by the end. There was one story, one couple in particular that I kept looking forward to, I couldn’t wait to see what was up with them.
I loved this book short collection because of the emotions and real situations it conveyed. To begin with, ‘not everything is what it seems’ is a prevalent theme in the book. You can look at someone and see them sitting there and never, ever know what happened before that brought them to that point. You simply can’t tell that just by looking at someone.
How does it feel to love someone for 1, 5, 10, 50 years? How is it different and yet the same, Why does every person experience it differently and yet the same? It’s fascinating what time will not only do to a person but a relationship as well. Some of the things that one person sees as hardships the other person sees as treasured memories. Sometimes the things that you love about a person in the beginning can be the things that irritate you the most in the end. A little more thinking my own thoughts here than I had originally planned, but these were some thoughts that I had while I was reading these stories. And I love thought provoking stories.
5/5 resounding stars in my opinion. It was a quick read, and I even read it again the night before I wrote this review. To weave not just one story but ten, and to link them all together and keep it cohesive is a writing feat all its own. Then add the incredible diversity in the characters that we glimpse and all the emotion that they convey is another. I think this little collection is a small treasure that I absolutely adored.