Flight of the Raven .. by Melissa E Beckwith ( Free Book)

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Raven Darkwater leaves the comfort and protection of the hidden village of Ghroc deep within the Alba Forest.  Forsaking her duties of taking care of the forest, she seeks excitement in her life and she travels to the capitol city of Sona Tuath and takes a job in the castle’s kitchen.  Soon she is noticed by the handsome young man, Eric, and they fall deeply in love.  When Eric’s secret comes out the lovers are torn from each other’s lives and Raven is forced to survive on her own in a world she barely understands.

This novella is the prequel to the vivid and sweeping Sword of Rhiannon epic fantasy series and tells the story of Raven and Eric.



Please feel free to let Melissa know what you think of Raven and Eric’s story.  I hope you’ll pick up a copy of her book  The Sword of Rhiannon after reading this exciting prequel to the Sword of Rhiannon Series.
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