An interview with … Ivy Logan

My Author Interview with the very special Books and Wine Gums to share a few secrets about myself and what Broken means to me. Thank you Emma…

Books and Wine Gums


This morning, I’m talking to Ivy Logan, a self-published author, about writing, sofas, and the importance of pen and paper.

Tell us a little about your new novel?

Broken is the story of a sorceress, Talia, whose powers have been concealed from her and she has been raised as a human and trained as a warrior. Her life is beset with challenges –a doomed ancient prophecy, losing her family and being on the run, chased by a king for powers she doesn’t have.  Alone, but determined to fight back, she is obsessed by vengeance. Love gives her the courage to stand tall and literally face a dragon. Broken is her journey.

Where did your inspiration for this novel come from? 

Broken started as a  slightly different story but evolved as I wrote. I have always been a great believer in magic and love. Broken is a reflection of that thought process.


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