Jacky Dahlhaus brings you Book II of Suckers Triology: Raising A Vampire- Book Review ( Is there anything a Mother Wouldn’t do To Protect Her Vampire Child?)

I had the pleasure of reviewing Jacky’s first book in the series and Book II of the Suckers Trilogy takes off from Book I-‘Living With a Vampire’…

You get a glimpse into the mundane domesticated life of Kate and Charlie and just when you are about to breathe a sigh of relief at the sheer normality of things –everything comes crashing down around the ears of this unlikely couple- with a savage Vampire attack ending their dreams of domesticity.

The Vampire in question is their precious daughter so what do Charlie and Kate do? There is no running away this time.

suckers 2

The story suddenly takes off with a bang and you are introduced to the reason this one is called – Raising a Vampire. Jacky’s narration is consistent with the story she began in Book I but don’t fret there are no dull moments here.

Book II goes down a whole different road and introduces a new perspective.

You get to see Kate in a new light- To what ends a Human Mother will go to Protect her Vampire progeny? Is there anything she wouldn’t do?

At the same time Charlie and Kate have been married a while, so are they now a regular married couple, taking each other for granted or is the sizzling chemistry between them intact? Will their relationship be able to face another blow?

It’s no smooth sailing for Kate, a personal dilemma puts her at a crossroad in her life. Will she still keep her eye on the goal and save her girl? Does she stay the path or will she lose her way? Read and be the judge.

Raising a Vampire is about never losing your guts or hope even when the deck is stacked against you. Kate’s nemesis this time is the powerful military but you don’t see her giving in, not one bit. You will say Go Girl at some point, while you root for her.



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