Good Handwriting is a Useless Talent

Such a lovely article, especially relevant for all moms obsessed with their children’s writing- block, cursive- legible etc.



…When I was in the third grade, I won some of those scribe contests, the prizes for which were shiny ribbons. Useless ribbons for useless talent.

or so they say... or so they say…

These days, I don’t think I could win any scribe contests, because I’m more of a scribble scrawler, even when arthritis isn’t killin me, which it often is. My writing was much neater when I was younger, but then I wrote more by hand then. I don’t write letters as often as I used to, which I think may be killin my mother, who writes like this:

and this is just her scribble scrawl, y'all and this is just her scribble scrawl, y’all

See, my mother was a civil engineering draftsman, long before CAD, and she writes everything perfectly.

yes, we do our crosswords with a pen yes, we do our crosswords with a pen

When little girls are inclined to imitate their mothers, I must have aspired to handwriting greatness or somethin. I also dreamed of being…

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2 thoughts on “Good Handwriting is a Useless Talent

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  1. I don’t believe handwriting is a useless talent, but it depends on what profession you are going for. If you’re a bricklayer or carpenter, you probably won’t need it lots. If you’re a GP, good handwriting will make the pharmacist’s job a lot easier. When you’re going for an artist job like a painter, cartoonist, or the likes, the hand-eye coordination practiced with handwriting may be of good use. Neat and legible handwriting shows dedication and precision, but shouldn’t stop your career in this digital world.
    Personally, I find people who don’t hold their pen/pencil between their index finger and thumb tip (but rest their thumb on the pen/pencil) look like morons. My kids do this when they write. I told their primary school teacher that I didn’t like it that she didn’t correct them. Her answer was she preferred them enjoying writing first and would correct later. Obviously, she never got to the correcting stage. Now they write like morons 😀


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