The Sucker Trilogy – Book One: Living Like A Vampire

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Do you like Vampire stories?

Did you love the Twilight series? Was it everything you wanted in a Vampire book?
-A delicate, helpless girl whose greatest ambition in life is to become a vampire before the age difference between her and her vampire boyfriend wasn’t respectable anymore. The gallant vegan vampire wanting to protect her soul?

The Suckers Trilogy is a different take on Vampires but with enough magic of its own to hold your attention.

What happens to your life if you start functioning like a vampire but are not really one? You are still human, you still retain your humanity but are not quite normal, especially your eating habits.

Jacky Dahlhaus is a realist with a great narration style and the ability to pace her storytelling in such a manner that your attention never dips. She has the audacity to take an ordinary guy, nothing like you imagine your perfect GUY would be and make him attractive, likeable and the embodiment of everything a girl wants in a guy. And bam you find yourself rooting for him to get the girl.

In Book One the world is succumbing to a sucker apocalypse. You might say the scenario bears some resemblance to the zombie apocalypse movies that Hollywood keeps producing with gun totting heroines hell bent on extracting vengeance but  Jacky’s school teacher character, (yes she is a teacher) Kate deals with the situation more realistically with the help of true friends, her wit and good intentions.

Kate finds herself falling in love with a sucker adding to the complexity of her situation. So what does it mean to live like a vampire? Will she find true love or will she just barely survive?

I look forward to the next in the sucker series… Book II- Raising a Vampire. The title itself raises questions. How is it possible given the way Book One concluded? Oh wait, I understand but not going to drop a spoiler here. Read it… Will be out soon.


4 thoughts on “The Sucker Trilogy – Book One: Living Like A Vampire

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  1. Ohh! I used to read a lot of vampire books but stopped because they all started to sound the same… but this seems like it would be great and original!


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