10 amazinglysimple way

  1. Don’t be harsh on yourself. It happens…

  2. Everyone needs space from each other –including your Book and You. Accept this.

  3. Read! Read! Read! Your genre or other genres. This is the best way to get back to the grind again.

  4. Write Reviews. You are working on your writing and thinking process and supporting your writing community at the same time.

  5. Use this time to check back into your other life. Look up and meet with friends and relatives, you might have ignored. I disagree that continued reclusiveness aids creativity.

  6. Learn new things. Better ways of writing, publishing, marketing etc. There is always so much more to learn.Learning can be outside of the writing arena too. A new hobby perhaps?

  7. If you feel you have learned enough then share. The joy of sharing creates positivity.

  8. Use the time to nudge your languishing social media presence Face it; it is difficult to handle full-fledged writing and networking plus regular work at the same time.

  9. Do a bit of travel. There is nothing like a new environment to get the creative juices flowing.

  10. Keep a notebook handy. Random ideas will crop up. You need to capture them for later.

    writers block 1

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