My Greatest Gift To You, Is The Gift of Fear : by Ellie Douglas

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I have never read such a graphic novel in my entire life. Even the King of Kings didn’t write so graphically. Being the first one, for me to have read such a story, it blew my mind, curled my toes, at times even made my stomach flip. This author can really describe in clear detail, carnage like I have never seen.

Suzy, a reviewer on Goodreads who gave Fear Inducer a 5 Star review.

Hi, I’m Ellie Douglas and I’ve been invited to share my greatest passion- Horror, with you.

Ellie Douglas

Why is ‘Horror’ so amazing to me, because I love the challenge of being scared, so I seek out the scariest and hope to be scared.

That has motivated me into wanting to scare you, yes you. That’s right I’m talking to you. So listen up. If you love an amazing horror with excellent loveable characters and with a gore factor that shoots off the Richter scale then you are reading the right post for you.

My aim in life is to gross you, the reader, out and to scare the shit out of you and to have you cry and laugh all while reading one of my books.

My latest horror Fear Inducer does just that. I have taken the liberty to include graphic images before each murdering chapter. Just to gross you out even more.

The highlight for me was the images included in this novel. I’ve never seen that done before either. This was another first for me. I found it personally unique. Each chapter that had a death scene, had a very detailed, and gruesome, explicit image.

That really set the mood, some of the images were so surreal that I had to look at them more than once, it gave me a huge anticipation to what that chapter was going to be about. How the author purposefully prepares you before the chapter so you will know right off hand what is coming. But the way she wrote it, will surprise you as it goes far beyond any of the images she offered up. I’m in awe of this author that I had no hesitations in buying her other books.

Suzy talking about why she loved the Images in Ellie’s book.


dr bloom

When writing Fear Inducer I spent six months solid on research alone. The main character Doctor Felix Bloom had to be intricately designed and that meant bucket loads of research. So you can be sure none of my books fall flat when it comes to the plot or story.

I don’t know if I’m to love Doctor Bloom? Or hate him. I’ve given him a lot of thought. That is something that never happens to me after reading a book I tend to easily forget about the characters. However, with this one, I’m stuck constantly thinking about Doctor Bloom.

Doctor Bloom is not someone to go to if you suffer any kind of phobia. I know he’s just a character in a book. If he were real, he’d not be someone I’d ever visit. I am happy that I myself suffer no phobia’s as this may very well enhance those with an actual phobia, so take that as a courtesy warning. Doctor Bloom is so intelligent and so brutal you won’t know what hit you. At least for me, that is how I found him, it hit me hard.

Suzy’s opinion on Dr Bloom

My writing is thoroughly researched and I make sure that the plots and story are perfect and not with any disastrous holes. All of my characters are so real that you could pick up the phone and arrange a luncheon with them. They are that real.

The ending was for me unusual, I thought it cleverly done, pulled me in without a doubt and it certainly has me craving for book two. I want to give a spoiler away here but I won’t it would spoil the ending too much for you other readers.

This by far would easily make the next big movie for sure. I do hope for a sequel so if the author reads this please consider making a book two. My husband is now reading it, and so far he too is enjoying it, a lot.

Suzy on Ellie’s writing style…


You are the judge, jury, and executioner so feel free to read any of books and be just that. I forewarn you to have a bucket near you because I’ve been known to induce vomiting.

I know you are looking for a thrill, and you want to be grossed out and you want to be scared right? Excellent because my greatest gift to you is the gift of fear.

Fear Inducer



Ellie Douglas loves horror, everything about horror, the goriest and most gruesome of horrors is the ultimate. She can’t get enough. So much so that she writes all things horror- ‘Hounded’ and ‘Toxic Desire’ being a couple of her books. They are graphic and explicit with horror scenes. She loves to build characters that the readers will love and or hate so they can feel pulled right inside of the story that they are reading. She writes books, but she also makes professional book covers for other authors and loves to create adult coloring books. Her ultimate aim is to give back, paying it forward, to constantly better herself and give the audience amazing stories.

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My latest horror Fear Inducer does just that. I have taken the liberty to include graphic images before each murdering chapter. Just to gross you out even more.



















  1. Super epic blog post Ivy, you’ve done an awesome, amazing job. I love your blog it’s great and thank you for doing a piece on me. I was thrilled to be a part of your blog 🙂 I can’t wait to scare your readers 🙂 making this my newest challenge 🙂


    1. thank you so much, Ellie, for loving the blog. I enjoyed putting your piece together and then seeing how it turned out. I do hope, you scare your readers. I think they have been given a fair warning 🙂


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